About Us

Roxy was a kitten brought to us at just 6 weeks old but her body was taken over by bacteria. We got her fluids and a bath, cleaned her as best we could and fed her milk. She went to the vet to get examined and was given IV fluids and medications. She fought. She fought hard, but she was tired and finally was safe and loved in our home. She passed away just 36 hours after we got her.

Our area doesn’t have many resources for cats or kittens and the ones it does have are stretched to the max. Roxy was at a family’s home for about two days as they tried to find a place to take her. Maybe if we could have got her sooner she would have made it.

Hope, our support and guidance. Without her we wouldn’t have the confidence to create this rescue. The two come together to simply be there when needed.

Our mission is to try and save as many lives as we can, to help those who have no one else to help them. We often take the sick, damaged, and lost animals that no one else is willing to try and save. Our goal is to nurture them and allow them to get to the point where they can be adopted out into a loving permanent home.

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